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Smaller Brush Choice (preferably synthetic)

All my brushes the last few years have had knots of 24mm and above, but I've been toying with the idea of getting a smaller synthetic. The last small brush I used was a 22mm Savile Row silvertip about a dozen years ago, and don't think I want to go any smaller. A couple of the Simpson Eagles -- G2 and G3 -- have caught my eye, and they're available with the Sovereign fiber (22mm and 23mm knots). Executive Shaving has a 23mm medium-size Big Jock synth available as well, though it's hard to tell what fiber it's using (a Plissoft variation I'd guess). Any thoughts and other recommendations would be appreciated.
All good suggestions. This is going to be a backup to my main STF, so I don't mind experimenting around. I was wondering if the Eagle would get some attention; maybe the Sovereign knots aren't the best choice. I could spend more money on an Eagle Pure and have Rudy Vey reknot with something else. Just bouncing ideas around.
I like the PAA Astraeus 22mm works well for me
Very good brush .. Or maybe I should write a great high -quality foam machine even like "raw materials" (soap & water) not so good :). A sensational product, and at the same time beautiful in a classic way ... I was surprised by how it looks in nature ... Because the pictures you can't see it - probably because it looks like "glass" and the lens is poorly reflects its real beauty ... Ergonomics ... all brushes from PAA, they are great in this respect ... probably because they use hits from previous years as a model that has long proved their features.
New Micro Super Future Hybrid Synth - the long name implies high quality :). It is hard to satisfy me in this term , because I refer to my favorite synthetic - Edwin Jagger Chatsworth Silver Tip. Nevertheless this time I am settled .. I was looking for a "light" brush ready for me to go into the world .. My EJ (160 grams) by airports security is treated like a Thor Hammer on a micro scale :)..
Returning to the knot, it is a bit more rough than the EJ described above and the same time harder in the flexiblity - it requires greater strength to spread beautifully like a "skirt" of a Dervish in dance and free the foam with the consistency of cream ..
Free.. yes.. free (literally) ! :) because the unusual in this brush is that he hides the whole foam in his interior ... The longer it hides, the better it is ... I wonder if I should start using it in the kitchen - for making whipped cream for ice cream or coffee .. :) Returning to the topic .. If you expect the whole shaving bowl of full foam, you may be surprised ... In the first reflex of Astreaus use I thought that it is an rare example of anti-foam brush ... add soap, add water again, beat the foa again and again .. nothing
I gave up, I develop it on my face because I have to shave. - I won't get the other one and start proces from the beginning.
In the meantime, I wondered how to write a bad opinion so that others could avoid this embarrassing situation ... I was a seconds away from taking the my dumbest decision of the year ..:) because surprise, after developing the brush, the whole foam in a great condition was found .... Creamy density and in huge amounts - where it fitted in this brush, I really don't know ... Any microportal for Space -Time Curvature (for temporary foam hiding in another space and time :) )?
Being serious... I recommend PAA Astreaus .. a very nice, foam making, timespace :) machine...
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Maybe something a little different? Yaqi Cola 22mm (smaller than it appears). Solid resin handle. Only $12-15.

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