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single ring razor

I have a single ring razor that i have been using for a while. I get better shaves with that razor then any of my other razors. What is your experience with this razor if you have one thanks.


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I have a 1914 Single Ring and I enjoy it very much. I regard it as a delicate and refined shaving tool that is nimble and manoeuvreable but that requires good technique or it will bite; it certainly is a close shaver. Here is mine:

Completely agree with EclipseRedRing's comments.

The single ring is extremely efficient, and takes patience and technique to keep from being bitten, but what an excellent razor!

I have two single rings... one which was banged up until Chris at BackRoadsGold worked his sorcery on it, and another with a beautiful patina that's gonna stay just like it is.

Before BRG (1907)

After BRG

...and the original one with patina (1910)
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