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I've tried a few shengs and a few shus. I much prefer the shengs. My experience is rather limited. Here's what I've tried:
Chen Guang-Ho Tang 2006 "Yi Wu Ye Cha"
CNNP 2003 Yi Wu Zheng Shan
Gouyan 2008 "Deep Mountain, Old Tree"
Menghai 2003 "HK Henry" 7542
Xi-Zhi-Hao 2007 Autumn Nu Er

I really like the Gouyan 2008 "Deep Mountain, Old Tree" and HK Henry. Can you sheng-masters suggest some others that I may like.

I'm really interested in trying the 2008 Menghai 0622 and the Dehong Wild Tree after going through some of the more secent pages on the Sheng of the day.


Highly recommend the 08 dehong wild tree brick from YSLLC. Solid stuff.

Recommendations of other sheng which are my personal favorite.

07 Mengku MuYeChun 001
08 Menghai Classic 801
08 Menghai Dayi Jia Ji Tuo
09 Lao Ban Zhang Premium Raw Pu-erh

Have fun.

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