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The "man" and Gillette banning all quality shaving supplies and forcing all men to shave with strange chemical goo and 12 blade cartridges that cost $20 a piece. I am slowly stocking up for this eventuality.
Not to be confused with the personal shavepocalypse = when "they" discontinue your favorite blade/cream/soap or other consumable shave product, or reformulate it in such a way that it may as well be discontinued.
When DE shaving suddenly becomes so popular that the price of Merkur blades in the Art of Shaving store is driven to nearly $1 a piece... oh, wait...
If the internet is a series of tubes (NOT trucks, RIP Ted Stevens), think of the blue pages of this website as a well-camouflaged bunker and each bulk purchase of favorite blades potentially the last case of tinned peaches in the whole wide world.

Whoa. Better place another order with Ted Pella.
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