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FSOT Shavemac 2 Band Silvertip Beehive Brush

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I was intrigued by the Shavemac Beagle group buy, but when I signed on to the Shavemac site, I saw the beehive handle and had to buy it. The knot is the same specifications as the Beagle: 22 mm 2 Band Silvertip set to a 46 mm loft. Unfortunately for me, the brush is just too small for my large and somewhat arthritic fingers. I have used it less than a dozen times, and it has never lost a single hair, so it is not a shedder. I paid $134 shipped to me in the US, and would accept $110 shipped CONUS. Alternatively, if you have a similar quality brush in a 24 or 26 mm, I would consider a trade.

(Sorry about the quality of the photos, but if you're interested, I can try to improve upon the photo images.)


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