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Sharpening Supplies In-House Water Stone Line

I notice that Sharpening Supplies has recently expanded its range of in-house water-stones, first introduced last year, and yet I don't hear any discussion of them on the straight-razor forums. Anyone give these a try and can provide some feedback? I've been curious. Vitrified stones allowing long-term water storage, the grit range seems patterned after Choseras, but maybe after Nortons as to long-term storage.

Sharpening Supplies Water Stones
No help here but I see that these are not listed in their "straight razor sharpening" category but rather just sharpening stones so maybe there is reason for it.
If interested I would inquire as to whether they are suitable for the task at hand.
Well, their straight-razor shaving category seems pretty arbitrary as only Naniwa Chosera and Sharpening Stones and Nortons are included, leaving out coticules, BBWs, and Arkansas stones, which they also sell. Don't think the stones as listed are dedicated razor-sharpening stones, so their in-house line seems fair game as well. I've searched for reviews elsewhere and turned up with nothing, which is strange given that they've further expanded their line.

Also, when the line first came out, I inquired with their specialist, and he said that he had had success in using them with straights. So thus far, just one vote in a year or so, coming from a spokesman from the company itself.
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