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Discussion in 'Shaving Brushes' started by drewmac, Dec 15, 2009.

    For fear of getting the much maligned "custom title," does anyone else just find brushes plain sexy?:001_tt1:
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  1. Uh ohhhh...... (paging OUCH.... Jay.... Please pick up the white courtesy phone)
  2. sounds like you're just itching for one...:blink:
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  3. No...
  4. JPM


    Depends what you use them for. :tongue_sm
  5. Well, I suppose some of them are. :ihih:

  6. :lol:
  7. drP


    This one too imho...:

  8. I never get tired of looking at that brush.
  9. Oh wow! :w00t: What is that brush?!
  10. Limey

    Limey Moderator Emeritus

    That's why BAD (Brush Acquisition Disorder) exists! :001_smile
  11. Yeah I do, in the same way that i see classic cars as sexy.
  12. Then I've got BAD...well...bad!
  13. drP


    Jessica Rabbit...
  14. Don McIvor,, made me a Jessica Rabbit and a May West from some beautiful wood. Sorry guys, I don't have the equipment to post pictures. If Don sees this maybe he will put some pictures up.
  15. Per Jack's suggestion, here are two of the recent (and curvaceous) commissions I've made for him.
  16. jkh


    I need a cigarette :lol:

    Me either :001_tt1:
  17. I think us 'gentlemen' relate the curves of a brush to the body of a beautiful woman...

    Am I weird??
  18. nice! whats the wood on the one on the right ?
  19. Ambrose, It's Hondoran Rosewood.

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