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Serendipitous Quasi Robbery

So a guy I met at an antique store gave me a rendez-vous today near the train station to offer me 2 razors.
The guy never showed up. But nearby was an open market.
One guy was selling a very Kabrand for way too much, but nearby a young lady with a Chihuahua had a different loot.
The 3 14 are a Filarmonica, a Carl Rader and one whose name is gone. All 3 have perfect blades.
The 6/8 is a full french wedge in Ivory scales.
View attachment 467690
While I was at it, I also picked out 2 Agates. I'll test out their grits tonight.

I also found this Hamon paste. The color is dark grey and does not smell like anything I recognize.
It says "COMPOSITION ZEOLITHE INFAILLIBLE inventée par BAMOU Père pour donner le tranchant aux rasoirs. Pour entretenir la souplesse du cuir et enlever le feu du rasoir. Composition et Préparation essentiellement ANTISEPTIQUE"
Which basically says it is meant to maintain the edge of the blade while reducing the razor burn and softening the leather.

A nice closing note for my french summer escapade.


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