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Semogue 2000 break in question

Ok guys so I have read all about breaking boar in but I am just a little curious as to what a brush that is not yet broken in will behave like. I have only used mine like 7 times and it is still hard to produce a good lather with soaps. Creams, no problem, but today I was trying to lather cella and after loading for almost a minute and adding water still only had enough lather for one pass before I had to reload! Is it technique or is it the brush still falling into its own groove?

After reading Marco's tutorial on lathering soft Italian soaps I think I may not have been using enough water. However, I am still interested in hearing how an unbroken in brush performs or fails to perform.

I've had my 2000 about three years. It took at least 20 shaves to break in, if not more. I also had trouble with the lather until plenty of hairs split. It's a lathering beast now.
Keep at it. The break in period with Semogues is longer than other boar brushes, but you will be rewarded in the end with a fantastic brush.
I have had mine about 6 weeks and have lathered it every other day. Mostly it was only a hand lather but I made an effort to break it in and was richly rewarded. It is the only brush I now use in my rotation with the hard English soaps like Trumpeters Rose. Soft tips, great backbone, and a lathering machine. Marco's suggestions were the solution to problems I was having with some of the triple milled soaps. Thanks Marco. Hang in there nrv216 it is a great brush it just needs a little more work than most.
I broke mine in by hand lathering every 48 hours ( to allow for drying time ) for 2 months. It is now in my regular rotation and one of my favorite brushes.
Thanks for all the words of encouragement guys! As is often the case with me, I guess I was just being impatient.

A wetter Brush & increasing your load time 30-45 seconds, since it has a large knot, this should give you enough lather for two passes and a touch-up. I'd recommend allowing the brush to dry longer than one day to ensure it's completely dry, this is extremely helpful during the break-in and unnecessary afterwards, without completely drying, your break-in will take longer.
I let it sit for 48hrs in between uses because I use my new simpson duke II every other day!

I have an omega 10066 used it prolly at least 100 times and it still isnt that great. Bought a 1305 and after the first use it is way better then any omega I have used. Keep at it and It will go. The 1305 is the be all end all of brushes for me.
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