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Selling items I no longer need...Tuckaway, Shovelhead, Clogpruf, more

I have way too much stuff. I will be posting more sales later, but I wanted to start with this stuff. Offering it here first. If it doesn’t sell here, it goes to the ‘bay.

1) Semogue ”Owner’s Club” boar brush, LE 2009. This one might be a shedder, so it might be better off with a new knot, but I haven’t used it in a long time. New user could try it out and see how badly it sheds and then decide if it needs a new knot, boar or badger or synthetic. Beautiful handle. Needs a new home. $25 shipped

2) Smaller Semogue brush. I used to use this boar brush as my travel brush, and it served me well. If you like a smaller brush, and you like boar brushes, this may be the one for you. $15 shipped. Take both Semogue brushes for $35 shipped.

3) Everready 1924 “Shovelhead” razor with case. User grade. Shaves wonderfully. A good starter for people who like DEs and have never tried a GEM-style razor because it uses a similar angle to a DE, unlike most GEM razors. $18 bucks shipped

4) GEM Clogpruf SE razor, good condition. The Clogpruf is often cited as the perfect “middle ground” SE razor; not too aggressive but not too mild, either. The TTO mechanism functions perfectly. Good shaver, no case. $20 shipped

5) Stoll Chrome Steel “lather-catcher” style GEM razor, good condition. I did not even polish this one up, just took it out and took the photo. Made by Wilbert Cutlery Company in Chicago, this is a bit more rare than most GEM-style razors. No case. $20 shipped

6) Valet Autostrop in excellent condition. I have the box, too; not pictured. Functions perfectly and shaves well using the Feather proprietary blades that fit the “One Blade” razor. I have the strop, too, but have never used it and do not what kind of condition it might be in (haven’t even take it out of its box). $17 shipped. Strop is free if you want it.

8) Schlick C1 Repeating razor. Good condition, although it has water spots (pictured). It shaves amazingly, but the repeating function is not working. Great for travel (once we get back to that, lol). Load it up with an injector blade before you go and you can use for the entire trip. Cap protects it when traveling. $45 shipped

9) Cased Gillette New Improved Tuckaway with case and blade bank. This razor is in extremely nice condition, as you can see from the photos. It has the ubiquitous crack in the handle, but it is a very small one and the handle functions perfectly. The inside of the case is a mess, as you can see. The outside of the case is just tarnished; the case and the entire razor are sterling silver. The case will polish up to nice and shiny with a little elbow grease. The blade bank is fairly brasses, as you can see. As for the razor, I didn’t polish it this morning, I just used the baking soda, hot water, aluminum foil trick and you can see how well it shined up. A real sweet shaver, too; I just don’t reach for it much anymore. For the uninitiated, the NI is a slightly aggressive shaver with a fair bit of blade feel. Very efficient. Having a hard time figuring out a price for this one. Let’s say $75 shipped.

Pics follow.


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More pics


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Final pics


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That's a 1470 or I'm a monkey's uncle.
It is a 1470, and you are NOT a monkey's uncle.

Also, a price reduction on the 1470, from $15 to $10. And on the larger, LE Semogue brush, I'll take $20. I'd like to move these beautiful brushes. Take BOTH Semogue brushes for $27 shipped CONUS.
I'm interested in a SE or two, but I'm having a hard time correlating most of the pictures to your numbered item description.

#3, 4 and 8
Could you clarify which pictures belong to which item?
The following have been sold and money received:



Semogue travel brush.

One other is sold pending funds:

Stoll Chrome steel lather-catcher

The Shovelhead will be sold shortly.

All other items still available.

I will be packaging up the Tuckaway, the ClogPruf, and the Semogue travel brush and attempting to get them into the mail today.

Thanks, B&B.
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