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Seeking recommendations - mechanical hand clippers

Hello B&B,

Hoping someone can chime in, I haven't found much after searching the forum like a good monkey.

I've been using straights since 2007, supplemented by a wonderful old Gillette DE I got from Maggard a few years ago. I recently started wearing a thin moustache. The straights are perfect for managing the line of course, but I'm finding that for a really neat look I want to trim all the hairs to a certain uniformity.

While I've been using scissors, it's tedious and it occurs to me that a clipper would make short work and probably a better result. But here's the rub—I have a life practice of using mechanical and low energy/pollution tools over their modern power cousins. So I'm in the market for a mechanical clipper.

Can anyone here give me some guidance on the relative merits of new vs. vintage, and what makes are best?

Do any of these critters have interchangeable combs for various depths?

Can their cutting blades be sharpened on a flat stone?

Advice on good sources would be much appreciated, too.