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Second shave with a feather

I just tried using a feather for the second time and I was severely punished by turning my fatboy up to 9 and using too much pressure, i actually lost a little bit of skin under my nose OUCH! the styptic stopped the bleeding but man, I think im gonna have to give it a few days before I try shaving again:mad3:

A Fat Booy at 9 plus a Feather blade is a combination that is not good for probably 95% of shavers.

You might want to start at a 3 and gradually work your way up the scale until you find that sweet spot. And you will find it. Marvelous razor and a marvelous blade. Stay with it.
Yea the first shave with the feather was at #5, but I was messing with the razor and didnt notice it was at #9 until I sliced my lip, i turned it back to 5 afterwards but it was too late by then, I may dial it back to #3 for a few shaves with the feather and see how it goes, I also think I like the Proraso tub soap better than the TOBS lavender, it seems to give me a slicker lather....

Thanks for the support
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