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Rusty Wilkinson Blades

I have been a long time user of Red Personna blades; they seem to be the perfect combination for my razor and face. 7 O'clocks are too dull, and Feather's are too sharp. But I recently picked up some German Wilkinson blades from Walmart and figured I would give them a try.

The first thing I noticed was that the blades were very greasy when I removed them from the wrapper. Then I noticed small rust spots. I thought it my be just that particular blade, so I opened another, same thing. Maybe I just got a bad package.

Anyway, they still gave me a good shave and will work as a good alternative. Not quite as close as the Personna's, but just as comfortable.
I just looked at one of mine - made in England though - but I didn't see any rust. Maybe the glue protects the blade. :glare:

Those aren't the only blades with glue gunk on them.

Other notable contenders include Gillette 7 O'Clocks, Astra, and others.
I bought some from Walmart as well... no rust, but also no glue... they were in a metal dispenser, not individually wrapped. They were also a pretty good shave. I'm pretty happy with them. Of course the last time I was at walmart I did notice different packaging. White dispenser, rather than the metal, but I didn't pick any up.
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