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Rose- Love or Hate?

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It seems rose is a love or hate type of scent.

I for one hate it. The smell reminds me of Halloween masks for some reason.
I don't think I've ever liked the smell of roses, but I have tried some rose creams just to see whether I could like it as shaving cream or soap. Needless to say, I'm now convinced that I don't like smelling rose on my face. Blechhh.
I will know soon enough if i like rose scents. I just purchased TOBS Rose cream. I never really smelled roses closely or had any products that were rose scented. So yes I know what roses smell like but I don't know if I like it or not. Only time will tell.
I've loved the scent of roses even as a kid. TOBS rose cream was the first "fancy" cream I ever picked up:biggrin:
Thought I wouldn't at first but after trying both Taylor's and Trumpers Rose I can say I love it. Might have to have a short SCAD attack and run down a tube of either or...hmmm...
I enjoy Rose in my rotation. I often will use Thayers Rose WH and build from there. Some days I'll start with GFT Rose soap.

I am really interested in C&S Dark Rose and am waiting on a sample now.
Honestly, I'm in the middle. I don't love it, but I use it from time to time and find it to be a nice pleasant scent. T&H Rose would have to be my fav. The TOBS and Trumpers versions seem a bit too "sweet" to me... I like how the T&H is soft and subtle.
I'm not sure if it's a love or hate scent, but your poll certainly makes it so.

I'll vote 'Love' but the reality is that I like it a lot when done right (C&S 88), I also like TOBS & GFT Rose SC.
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