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Rooney Finest

Much to our surprise, we were able to come up with a few more two-banded Rooney Finest brushes just in time for Father's Day. We have a good supply of 1/2's in Ebony and Horn, 2/1's in Ivory, and 3/1's in Horn.

If you particularly like your Rooneys with big knots and tall lofts, you will love the two Style 1 Size 3's we got in. These beauties both have lofts in the 60mm range. They are stamped with "Rooney" in the small font and "sterilized" spelled with an "s" on the rear. The tips are very white. The bristles are very resilient; however the added loft does make the brushes slightly more floppy than the typical Size 3 made today. Still, these are remarkable brushes and ones that are getting very hard to find.

We also have some 1/2's in Ebony that range up to 59mm. Admittedly though, on the 59mm brush I can see the 3rd band. These taller brushes are very white and still have quite a bit of backbone given their loft. So much so, that I immediately grabbed one for myself. :biggrin: Like I really need another shaving brush.

If you are interested in a particular brush, drop us an email or give us a call. Based on recent discussions with Lee Sabini, we are not likely to see any more Finest brushes from Rooney this year.
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