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Roger et Gallett Savons Parfumé

Greetings Handwashers!
I was puttering around the old shave shack trying to reorganize from the daylight savings time rotation to the standard time rotation and came across a cache of Roger et Gallett perfumed guest soaps. The colors and fragrances were so striking that I thought a snapshot might be to your liking. Please excuse the clutter in the background, but that is the price of reorganization.

  • Top Row Left to Right: Tea Rose, Bouquet Imperial
  • Middle Row Left to Right: Extra Vielle, Fougère, Gardenia, Vetyver, Carnation, Muguet
  • Bottom Row Left to Right: Magnolia, Almond Blossom, Ceillet Mignardise, Thé Vert, Jean Marie Farina, Ginger, Lavande Royale, Bois de Santal
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Good thing you have your buddy the cat standing guard over all of these niceties! And as far as clutter, have you seen Joel's place???:001_tt2:

I think you and Chris Fisher should have a "crap-off." :jump: Get together, and lay out all your shaving/personal care products and see who has the most junk! Hot dang - I'd pay a $5 admission fee just to smell all of that stuff!
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