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Roger and Gallet soaps

Perhaps not the most manly product, but does anyone also like these soaps? I think they're great, from the scent, shape and lifespan to the packaging in the round plastic boxes. My favorite is Lavande Royale. Which is yours?


I have used one sample, the Fern, and I loved the scent. I use Molton Brown body washes (was able to pick some up for $10 at TJ Maxx) and I have one Caswell Massey #6 I am using, and then I have 3 more Floris Rose Geranium soaps to use. The Floris has a nice strong scent but does not linger long on the body, or if so, it is close to the skin, and it makes a nice creamy lather

Here's a picture of my favorite(s):


As far as masculinity, the Extra Vielle (aka Jean Marie Farina) was Napoleon's favorite.:ohmy:
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I have the Fern in the large bath soap; it's excellent. I have only had it a week, however, so I can't judge the longevity yet.

I also have small rounds of several others; I especially like Extra Vieille and Gingembre. The Eau de Gingembre toilet water also is superb.

I think R&G overall is a terrific house that doesn't get as much play as it deserves. If you're interested, buy a few; you can't go wrong.
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