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    The great designer and creator for the house of Chanel has died.
    Years ago I had his fragrance, simply known as Lagerfeld, and I thought it was excellent. Did anyone else have this?
  1. He will be greatly missed. He was an original.
  2. My brother and I shared a bottle in the early 90's and was one of the first colognes I ever wore. I remember it fondly as the "Dr. Pepper cologne", given its sweetness and affinity for the soda. It's on my list of fragrances to get ahold of. There are so many now, so many....
  3. I do remember the Lagerfeld cologne. Was Fahrenheit one of his also?
  4. Ad Astra

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    Yup, have Lagerfeld. Ring top on bottle, good stuff.

  5. Fahrenheit was Christian Dior. Karl Lagerfeld was known for what is now called Lagerfeld "classic" and Lagerfeld Photo, among others.
  6. May he rest in peace.
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    RIP Karl Lagerfeld.

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