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Review of Creed Green Irish Tweed....






Sorry about the dark pics - I am still getting used to this new camera.

Basically my sniffer is not over impressed with this cologne. Don't get me wrong, it is fine stuff - but it never really "grabbed me" like Penhaligon's, B&B, Taylor Mr. Taylor, Trumper Spanish LEather, Castle Forbes 1445, etc etc. I have had this cologne for about 2 weeks now, and have used it several times, and it never really stood out. I found it a bit powdery, and not to "grassy" like I expected. Not bad - but certainly not up to par with the aformentioned colognes. For the money - I do not think I will be purchasing another bottle of Creed cologne, unless it is a screaming deal.

I know a lot of fellas love this cologne - so take this as just one mans opinion!
Joel, I happen to agree with you. I will not purchase GIT again after I run out. The strange thing about it is that I think the scent is mediocre but some of the gals at a client's office really like it.
Austin said:
On me the scent last about 6-8 hours.

About the same for me.... but I almost wish it didn't last that long. It realy didn't do a whollot for me, was a bit afeminine to my nose.
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