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Review: Above The Tie - Aluminium Handle Shaving Brush

I got this brush along with the Polished Windsor razor, for which you can read my review here:

Review: Above The Tie - new Windsor Base Plates (Polished Finish) - https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/threads/review-above-the-tie-new-windsor-base-plates-polished-finish.612183

The brush handle is made in the USA. It's made out of aluminium and it's beautiful for sure. It oozes quality and craftsmanship!
It has zero blemishes or marks.

The ATT logo on the base is gorgeous! I really like that it's engraved rather than printed and I did prefer this to coins also.

It's incredibly ergonomic, even while being hefty. I generally face lather and found it comfortable to use. For bowl lathering, it made the job easier because the weight of the handle splays the brush out in the bowl so it was nearly like autopilot!

The knot is a 24mm Timberwolf however, it feels more densely packed compared to the same knot from other brush makers (Yaqi for example).

The glue bump is not big, which is great because I hate big glue bumps!
The splay therefore feels nice and quite natural. There isn't a need to push the brush onto the face, nor does the knot have to be opened up on the chin. Just start swirling and it opens up sufficiently with minimal pressure.

Lather generation is of course very quick and effortless with modern synthetic brushes.

The brush hasn't shed a single fibre and there was also no grey tinged lather on the test lathers, which some synthetics exhibit due to the dyes still being present on the filaments.

Given the premium quality of the brush, it's priced really well and anyone looking for a premium synthetic brush can definitely consider this!

ATT do sell the handle separately so one can also set a knot of their choice into it.

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