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I recently obtained an old leather and linen razor strop that is in good but dirty condition. I am looking for some advise on what products to use to clean it so that I could restore it to usable condition. Thanks a bunch!!
Information from the pictures not included, if the strop is in salvageable condition and needs a good cleaning, I'd recommend either Saddle soap (as dry as you can keep things) or lathering a good glycerine soap on the strop...

I've always used glycerin soaps to treat my strops every now and then, especially the horsehide, or shell strops... What I do is to load up my softest badger brush with good glycerin soap (currently I use an HL Thater brush, and SRD or Mama Bear shaving soap) and then lather on the strop as if you were face lathering... Once you have a good even coverage, hang the strop up or lay it on a table to dry overnight. In the morning, brush off the dried lather and rub the strop thoroughly with your palm...

From the sounds of it (again, pictures would help) you'll probably want to take a minimally damp rag and clean off dirt and debris, then lather away with a glycerin soap.
Personally, I feel with few exceptions water and leather don't mix well. Water and most soaps dry leather which is the last thing you need in an old worn strop.There are gel cleaners that use no water and are ph balanced to match the leather. I like to use Bick.
Thank you for the tips. I will try your advice and post the results. Once again thanks to all that responded!!!
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