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Repairing Spelter Lamp Shade??

Wondering if anyone has any experience repairing spelter fixtures? Tips, tricks, advice?

Going to add this lamp and shade to our antique lighting decor however the shade suffered some damage in it's previous ownership. Normally I'd scrap this shade but due to it's rarity I think I'd be better off trying to save it. Have saved and repaired many lamps, heaters, stoves and other strange kerosene powered devices over my lifespan, just never a lamp shade made of spelter.

I myself am thinking JB quick weld, the tensile strength is stronger than spelter and should hold up to the heat of the lamp if I choose to put it back to burning kerosene. You can also mold it, sand and paint it.

But I am sure open to any ideas, tips or tricks.



ATF. I use all three.
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I agree that JB weld would probably be your best bet. Let us know how it turns out.
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