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Remembering Sue.

Rudy Vey

Sue Moore was a friend of mine, and it was very sad that she passed.
To honor her, every year, I donate at least one brush in her memory.
Some years I do more than one. This year is one of these years.
I really hope we meet our goal this year.
As in every Sue Moore auction so far, I always have a pink brush with a synthetic knot.
This year as well, but I also add a razor stand this year in the same material.
Both items have my typical engraving: "Remembering Sue" and the year.

Additionally this year, I add a second engraved brush with the same type of knot as the pink one.

But, stay tuned, there will be a few more donated brushes from me this year .....you see them latest on October the 19th!!

$IMG_2842.jpg $IMG_2867.jpg $IMG_2869.jpg $IMG_2846.jpg $IMG_2866.jpg
Very classy as always Rudy... If I didn't have to outfit a new nursery in the Oct-Nov timeframe that green one would be spoken for lol
Very nice, in every possible way. Cancer is a heartless disease, and it claims far too many people every day. Whatever we can do to offer help, to offer hope, is so very important. As a nurse, I work with a lot of women, and over the years several have been treated for breast cancer, and two friends have died from it. I don't think I'll ever get used to it.

Let's all do what we can. Bid high, bid often.

Rudy Vey

I have donated two more brushes for the Sue Moore auction this year.
Both are prototypes for certain brushes. One is the second prototype I made for the 2014 LE.
It is my first submission to the committee with the inside drilled out and filled with clear material.
I just put in a new knot: Shavemac Finest

The other brush is another prototype for a group here on B&B, it is a resin stabilized Maple burl and sports a TGN Two-band finest knot.

Hope you all like them and pay a lot of money for them.....:001_smile

$IMG_2931.jpg $IMG_2870.jpg