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red spots on neck and face...




I get all those red spots on neck and face when I use my electronic shaver (braun) for beard... (I'm 18 so i don't have that dark and full beard yet, although it's almost nearly there...)

Nothing like that happens when I use a good quality and not so close-trimming type of hair trimmer. When I use a trimmer that does really close trimming, leaves my skin with small white flakes (coz my skin is dry..)

I am sure if I shave using a normal razor like gillete macho 3 etc. (with a shaving cream), I will be left with cuts on those red spots (acne? although doubt if it's acne coz it's bit different).

Any idea please?

Electric shavers are pretty crappy to begin with. Most people apply pressure when they use it. What you're getting is irritation. Pressure and pulling is most likely causing it. Have you ever shaved with a DE before? You should start out with a nice Gillette or Merkur HD. Shave after you shower or use warm water on your face to soften the beard. Be sure you blade is sharp so it doesn't pull. Make a conscious effort not to apply pressure.
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