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Recommend me a better strop.

Right now I'm using a Rup Razor strop. Recommend me a better one. I don't think the Rup Razor one is bad, Its pretty good. I just think there could be a better strop out there.
Tony Miller
Neil Miller

All the above are reputedly excellent strops. I can speak from personal experience on the TM and the Kanayama. Possibly no better value in the Galaxy than Tony's strops (it's what Picard used to use on the Enterprise and he was a head shaver!) and the Kanayama leather is like stropping on melted butter. Expensive strops though.
Just got my first nice strop for Xmas - Tony Miller, and it is stunning. Never realized stropping could be so elegant, and the resulting shaves have been fantastic. Highly impressed and my wife said the transaction was absolute first class (echoing what I have read about Mr. Miller.)
The above list is perfection in stropping! I would add Walkin horse to the list. I have a split side and a cordovan from them that are both excellent.
For the money, the Kanayama #3 Fine Stars is the outstanding choice. If you want a superbly crafted strop of the finest leathers, and someone that will help you in design and execution, it's Neil Miller.
I've never owned a Torolf so I cannot speak from personal experience, but he has a fine reputation amongst shavers that know their onions.
+1 to Tony Miller strops!

I'd also recommend Straight Razor Designs. They're not the cheapest around, but I am as pleased as punch with my English Bridle Strop from them. Buttery smooth......... Mmmmmmm..
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