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recommend a DE please

Can anyone recommend a DE for me? I have very flat growing beard hairs, and my beard is very heavy. I am prone to ingrown hairs. I've tried a HD, Progress and Slant.
I have the same combination of heavy beard, and being prone to ingrowns. I find that the 40's/50's Gillette Superspeed with its higher profile head works better for me than the later 60's/70's versions. I like it with a Crystal or Israeli Personna blade. The Merkur HD, that you already have, works well for me with Derby blades. Also, the Edwin Jagger DE8X series is an excellent choice when used with a Derby blade. The key for ingrown sufferers is to maintain the proper blade angle by using short strokes, and keeping the handle from being too perpendicular to the floor.
From what you say, I'd think you would be best served by an open comb. The comb has the advantage when it comes to lifting hairs growing flat along the skin.
I would recommend a razor with a comb. My Gillette NEW seems to work very well for the hairs I have that grow flat.

Paired with a sharp blade, you can't loose. :biggrin1:
Based on your hair growth pattern, I too think an open-comb is the way to go. Check out a Vintage New or even Old Style and I think you'll be happy.
I'll agree with the open comb. Just go lightly with it and you might find it your go to DE. The HD open comb is very nice, and the Merkur 1904 is also a great razor. :thumbup1:
the common-bar handled NEW is a great open comb shaver which is effective enough for heavy beards without being unduly aggressive. best of all, they're not particularly expensive and being 3 piece razors, are incredibly durable.
thanks for all your help,

Open combs seem to be a common suggestion. How is the new Muhle open comb?

Received an R41 open comb for Christmas and love it. I have an EJ89L, but do not find the Muhle really any more aggressive, despite my expectations to the contrary. The finish is superb. I say go for it. You won't be disappointed.

You have an excellent set of razors. I can't think of any DE that would be better than what you are working with. I might suggest a Gem Micromatic SE. They are fairly aggressive razors and give a very smooth shave.
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