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FS Razor & Soap Lot

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For sale I have A P-1 Gillette Gold Super Adjustable in excellent condition minus some wear on the TTO knob from the past owner and has sat in my collection for too long not getting use so it's time to go to a new home.

Second is a Ming Shi Adjustable only used a handful of times.

Third is a bunch of new never used soaps/creams. The scents just weren't for me:

Godrej Lime Fresh
RazoRock Al Sapone
RazoRock What The Puck Barbershop
RazoRock What The Puck Orange
Italian Barber Amici


Sold as a lot only. Asking $80 USD shipped within Canada and The US only. Keep in mind the price includes shipping, Canada Post likes to charge an arm and a leg these days. I will be away the rest of the afternoon/evening. Any questions feel free to send a PM.
Not open for further replies.