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Razor Brassing

Question to the members, I have a razor which it's handle is brassing. Is their anything I can do to stop it or correct it? Thanks in advance.
That's happening just because it's plating is wearing off. Pretty much the only thing you can do to correct it, is to re-plate it.

To prevent it from happening, you would have to stop using it.... or spray a coat of lacquer.
If you really like the razor and want it looking beautiful, why not have it re-plated?

From my perspective, if the razor gives you a good shave, then you could also just ignore the brassing and keep using it.

It kind of depends on whether you think form or function is more important.
I found an old fat handled tech in an antique store in SERIOUS disrepair, rescued it for a dollar. Slowly taking a dremel to it in my spare time at work, stripping away the plating little by little. When it gets down to an even brass layer, I'll polish it up and see what I get :tongue_sm

I am replating my own at the moment.... just seeing how it goes. I think cooncatbob replates, but I'm not sure.
So how much does it cost to have someone replate a razor? My impression is that it would be cheaper to buy another mint condition razor.

What's involved in doing replating at home? Is it a simple set-up, or do you need to buy some specialized equipment?

Why not just leave it as it is? I quite like the look of brassing as I think of it as a sign that the item is being used as it should. Along similar lines, brassing on Leica M cameras is often seen as a badge of honour by photographers. I have even heard of some Leica owners "encouraging" the process with a little steel wool...
It's a sign that the user is a REAL photographer, rather than a well-healed collector.

For example...

The Leica M4 of one of rock music's most famous photographers, Jim Marshall


The M3 of the legendary Elliott Erwitt

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