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Rapira Platinum Lux



I tried a Rapira Platinum Lux for the very first time in a vintage 7o'clock OC, on the 1st WTG pass it felt very rough, edgy and brittle(?) I was pretty sure I was going to cut myself if I wasn't careful, I didn't like the blade at all at that point, the 2nd AGT pass was pretty normal feeling and the 3rd XTG was a non event.

The result was an excellent shave no cuts or irritation.

Not sure if I would like this blade in an aggressive razor.

After my initial doubts I quite like this blade in the 7OC.

Looking forward to the 2nd shave
Of the blades I have tested I can agree with your assessment. While they gave me decent shaves they were on the rougher side in all my tested razors. I would certainly try it again and in another razor(s) as well.
For some reason, they seem to smooth out after the first use. Then, they will very gradually get dull over the next few shaves. The second and third shaves are usually the best, IME.


I smell like a Christmas pudding
But in Russia they are among the most inexpensive and affordable.
How much do they cost you?
From my UK supplier they are around £9.49 for 100 blades, including delivery. All Rapira and Voskhod blades are priced about the same, Ladas are currently in very limited supply and on offer at £5.99 per hundred. There are no signs of prices rising here although the Voskhods are currently out of stock.
But in Russia they are among the most inexpensive and affordable.
How much do they cost you?
$36 USD for 100 from Amazon. That makes it among the most costly razor blades aside from a Feather. I guess the Rapiras are still cheaper than cartridge refills.

Gillette Silver Blues (Russian) can be had for $15 a 100, and I'll build up a small hoard while they are yet cheap.
These are my favorite smooth cheapie blades. Well not cheap anymore but I bought 500 of them in June 23 at 8.99/100 from italian barber when they were on sale. I am good for a while!
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