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Purchase Floid Italian?

I am really eager to try the Floid Italian aftershave. Know of any trusted online retailers or somewhere I could also obtain a sample/decant? Any information as always is great appreciated.

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I recently got a decant from Superlather of the Italian too. At first I hated the smell ("What kind of candy crap is this?!"). I don't mind classic fragrances but they have to be at least somewhat manly.

In true Italian style, their Floid blurs the line. It's 100% classic barbershop. It's also 100% old man and 95% powdery-sweet. But it's that 5% that sticks in your head and nose after the drydown and says "I'm for men. I'm classic, never trendy. Give me time and you'll love me."

And against my better judgment I'm falling for it. Once the sweetness subsides a little it does become masculine, just different than what I would normally define as masculine, without the usual wood, spice and musk notes. And I can definitely see how some women might hate it, and how many of either sex would consider it cloying. It's soft but sticks around. If you're going to try it, get a decant first.

If I do buy it I wouldn't want one of the enormous 13.5 oz. bottles from Superlather. I wish there was a US retailer for the smaller bottles.

And can anyone who has tried both Italian and Spanish varieties tell me how/if the scent of the Spanish one is different?
Scent of the Spanish one is decidedly different.

Also if you like the stuff buying one of the "enormous" 400ml bottles makes perfect economic sense. Consider the fact that a 75ml bottle of Floid regular (Blue doesn't come in a smaller bottle) sells for around $17-18 USD a bottle if you can find it. So if you buy approximately 400ml worth at that size you will have spent over $90 USD as opposed to $36 USD. Makes sense to me anyway.
Makes sense economically, yeah, but I only shave twice a week and I have only just begun to make a dent in my 100ml bottles of Speick and Anherb over the course of about 5 months. It would take me....years to get through a huge bottle of Floid. Does aftershave have a shelf life?

Oh, and not to derail the thread, but does the La Toja stuff have menthol Mark? (Just had to ask. Doubt it though. Love the scent of the cream).

Thanks for your great and prompt service, too.
Kept properly sealed aftershaves, especially the European ones, will last a looong time as they rely less on alcohol and more on menthol and other ingredients to do their stuff. Having said that I have bottles of '60s vintage Skin Bracer and Hai Karate that are just as good now as they were the day they first landed on the shelf.

Regarding the LaToja I'm not really sure as I don't see menthol mentioned anywhere on the label. It's good stuff though! :biggrin:

Thanks for the compliments about the service--ALWAYS appreciated! :smile:
+1 on Superlather...

Mark has an order coming from me for the gi-normous bottle of Proraso splash at some point...
The site that can not be mentioned sells Floïd "the genuine" samples. 10 ml for £2.90. But imho, buy the whole 400ml. My guess is you'll love it. Besides, your shave den is not complete unless you have that cool looking bottle standing there. :biggrin:
+1 on the cool looking Floid bottles! i recommend just picking up the large bottle. if you don't like the AS you can forgo a few bucks you would have spent on the sample and shipping charge and sell it on the BST.

La Toja splash does contain menthol, but doesn't have an identical scent to the SC.
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