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Proraso Precdicament

Greetings Friends:

I have a slight problem with Proraso and i would greatly appreciate some advice. This evening I purchased the Pre/Post shave cream thinking that I could actually shave with it. (Didn't do my homework) I use my Trumpers violet every morning and love it, and I just wanted to add another cool cream to the list, you know, something different.

So the issue is, how exactly do I use this stuff? Should I put it on after I shower and then just lather as usual with my Trumpers Violet on top of the Proraso? Am I going to smell funky after mixing the two?

I very rarely use anything for an aftershave, I cannot stand anything heavy on my face, so my main use of the product would be for pre-shave purposes. Can you guys please lend some advice?

Thank you all in advance !!!!

Have a look at the review (Reviews>Aftershaves>Proraso Pre/Post Cream).

Lots of guys seem to like it - but only as a post-shave cream.

I actually read that post, very nice review. I suppose my main question is has anyone had any luck putting a cream other than proraso on top of the pre/post shave? I realize it is somewhat trivial, but I am curious.

Thank you for your responses !!


I've used it with Taylor's shave shop and like the combo. The smell from the Proraso was very slight, however, and I would imagine that a strongly scented cream would override it. I've not yet used it with rose, lavender, avocado, etc. simply because these creams perform so well on their own, I don't want to screw up a good thing.

Let us know how your experiments go.
when i use the pre/post it isnt just as a post, in fact i'm really impressed by how much it kicks up the cooling sensation (doesnt make the shave any better than my norm but the feeling is worth it)
With The Grain said:
when i use the pre/post it isn't just as a post, in fact I'm really impressed by how much it kicks up the cooling sensation (doesnt make the shave any better than my norm but the feeling is worth it)

:thumbup1: I initially thought that as a pre, I noticed some difference while using it in conjunction with the Proraso line. I may just be imagining the difference, but as James states, the cooling sensation is phenomenal by itself.
Thank you all so much for your feedback. To be honest, I never thought that I would look forward to a shave, in fact it always seemed to be a chore. Since joining this forum I have looked forward to shaving in the morning !!

I thoroughly enjoy learning about all of the different products as well; Proraso seemed like it would be a neat addition to my humble collection of westshaving materials.

As long as I don't smell like I'm wearing Ben Gay all day, I think its worth a try, after all you know what they say about variety !!

Thank you all again for your advice

i would think that taylor avocado, nancy boy, any lavender cream, truefitt ultimate would go well with the pre/post as a preshave.

don't be scared to use it after shaving, it isn't very heavy. just make sure your face is wet and just get a tiny bit on your finger and work it into your face/neck/forehead. I use it all over when I want that cool, refreshing feeling.
I used it as a "pre" shave this morning prior to L'Occitane CADE soap. It was nice and cooling and the CADE juniper smell covered it up nicely!
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