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Presidential candidates and their running mates.

I'm not hearing any preliminary hustle and bustle out of Washington singing the praises of anyone yet, are you?

Who is your most "unlikely" team pick?

Condoleezza Rice & Hillary Clinton run declaring themselves Independants. All women's public restrooms will finally be required by Federal law to never run out of toilet paper.

Arnold Swarzenegger and Jesse (The body) Ventura. Pumping iron and maintaining a six-pack will be mandatory for High School graduation.

Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh. (Don't even go there).

Jerry Falwell and Jesse Jackson............

Who else will make a team?
U.S. law prevents Arnold from running, and that law will probably not change ever. But i think you might see John McCain as pres one day. Still way to early to be sure of who will run and who will get the nomination.
....and me....
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Mark and Tony will push a new bill through the House and Senate for mandatory sentancing for using canned shave creme and all disposable plastic razors will be banned.
Paris Hilton and her rat-dog: now that's hot!

(sarcasm dripping for those who can't see it). There will be extra taxes on southerners, midwesterners and all people who have to work for a living, because we are such a drag....

Al Gore and Bob Dole: The wooden man, and the man with wood.
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