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Pre Shave Oil

Saw a post on here about using olive oil as PSO. I have never used PSO before so I decided to give it a try. I went through my normal prep and rubbed some olive oil on before I lathered for the first shave. Other than making my hands oily I couldn't tell any kind of difference in slickness, quality, or irritation. I have never felt I had a need for anything kind of beard lube or anything. Just wanted to try something since a lot of people love the stuff. Did I do something wrong in the prep or something?
For me, pre-shave oil is almost a necessity when I'm using aggressive DEs/straight razors. I'm not sure exactly how it works, but I always end up with fewer nicks than when not using it. Now when I use a mild razor like my DE89, I often don't use it because I already get great shaves without it. It might also depend on which soap/cream you are using. Some soaps actually make my skin sticky! They cause the blade to skip around my face. Other soaps/creams are so slick, that a pre-shave oil isn't necessary (EJ Sea Buckthorn & Sandalwood are the slickest I've tried).
I use it when I go with my open comb old type ball end gillette. I just use the el cheapo 'shave secret' PSO easily found at drug stores or the local Wal-Mart.
I don't think it's a must, especially if you are using a glycerin-based soap as a lot of those (may depend on soap) makes your face real glidy anyways, almost feels like you have astrolube on your face!

With some of the more aggressive razors, or just shaving more aggressively, I've noticed some small mistakes (nicking your lip etc.) can result in blood, but sometimes the oily/slickness helps the blade glide over it less excessively not causing a nick. I've done this more times than I can remember I think "wow thankfully my face feels like it's covered in lube or else that would've HURT."

Although I sort of have gone from pre-shave to not many times, with both glycerin-based and not, and I really can't tell much of a difference. Although I haven't used very aggressive razors like the OC much. I think I may try to use it when I bust out the OC next time, that sounds like a good idea!

If you don't feel you need it, I would play around with it, but no reason to keep using it...
I am not sure about that olive oil thingy- never tried it- but I get very very good results with Anthonys Sport for men- and it is not too expensive. Be sure to use lots of water before and after the oil and then lather. Frank
I use it because I have it, but I don't notice any difference on the days I go without it. I don't think I'll be buying more when my stash runs out.
The only place I need PSO is on my neck. Lately I have been applying it on my neck when I do the ATG pass. I have found olive oil is too thick and use my own recipe or T&H pre shave oil.

I have a very thick, wiry beard. Plus I have sensitive skin. I have been using pre-shave oil for years.

Pre shave oil is designed to give your skin an added layer of protection prior to apply a shaving soap or cream lather. The additional benefits of pre-shave oil are that it moisturizes the skin and protects your skin from razor burn or irritation. Pre-shave oil is one of those things that is an individual thing. Some find it helpful and some don't. For me, it has resulted in a better, closer shave without irritation.
The only time I use preshave is when I don't have time for the extra prep. If used when I have proper time I can't see any difference and I always use straights. One of those ymmv things.
Today as an experiment I used only Nivea Extra Protection Facewash to lather with. It went well, but I find it better to use my own patented marinated Dove cucumber beauty bar and glycerin" preparation, which can benefit from olive oil underneath- not virgin, not the good piquant stuff, the generic, barely more expensive than peanut oil stuff is best for this kind of thing.
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