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poor sasha

hi guys,

making a long story short: i was at the park with my dog yesterday morning and she took off after a rabbit... i was looking for her for twenty minutes, then received a call that she had gotten hit by a car while trying to cross the sprain brook parkway (during rush hour). :c17:

her pelvis is fractured in several places, and her left femur is dislocated. luckily she suffered no internal bleeding or other injury (a couple bumps and scrapes). we decided to go ahead and get her surgery because she still has a very good chance of living the rest of her life as a healthy and happy pooch.

i'll be bringing her to a vet who will let her stay there and receive medication, anesthesia, etc. and have the surgeon perform the procedure at cost. she'll probably end up having her pelvis bolted together, and possibly receive a hip replacement.

please keep her in your thoughts this following week. i'll keep you posted on how she is doing.


I hope Sasha does OK. It is very traumatic when animals are ill. My cat has multiple serious medical conditions, and his sister passed away several years ago of similar issues. It is very hard - they are members of our families, after all. I'll hold a good thought for you.
I'm a cat person but love all animals so I am hoping your dog pulls through. Having had cats all my life I have had experience having a sick pet that needed intense medical care. It is my belief that all should be done for our pets. My thoughts and prayers will include wishes for Sasha's speedy recovery.

hey guys, good news: sasha is walking!

she is a little shaky with her balance, but she manages to limp her away around the living room (and whine when she needs to go potty, which she was always good at). the vet says this walking will help build her muscle back up, and she'll need it for when she gets surgery. i think the operation is scheduled in about a month.

most likely what will happen is she will get the end piece of her femur removed, and afterwards it will rub flat against her pelvic bone. the muscle will hold everything in place.

i'll keep everyone posted.
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:mad: God I was driving to school once (in high school) and saw some $#@%#$ in a SUV yapping on her cell phone hit a dog ON A LEASH when the owner was walking it. The $%$#%$ hit the gas and tried to run, but I zipped in front of her, cut her off, and slammed on the brakes.... I have NEVER hit a woman in my life, but by god I had to really man up and hold myself back with this ***.

Hope your dog pulls thru..... gorgeous dog.

That's good to hear. I just got back from the vet with my dog. The thought of anything bad happening to them sure can be nerve-wracking.

If she's up to it, give her a tummy rub from me. :a22:

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