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Poll: What‘s your favorite colour for the Rockwell 6S?

What‘s your favorite Rockwell 6S colour?

  • matte

    Votes: 15 71.4%
  • matte black

    Votes: 3 14.3%
  • blue

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • red

    Votes: 3 14.3%

  • Total voters
By now there are 4 colours to choose from:

matte black

For me the black one is unbeatable, what do you guys think?
I have the red and the finish wears very quickly on the razor head. I would personally avoid red and blue. Black seems to wear well and matte silver is also nice looking.

Red looks the best IMO though.

South Dakota Guy

I have the matte stainless so I am obviously prejudiced. I have to say that it looks as good after two months of mostly daily use as it did when I bought it. To me it is kind of like buying a new vehicle. The black looks really good when it is clean but it shows dirt/ road grime really quickly. The silver/gold/ champagne color looks cleaner longer. YMMV
Any added color may fall off over time, so I prefer to the original matte color.

Although bright colors such as red/blue are attractive, I also avoid using red on shaving items to ensure that I can be spotted in time when I am bleeding.
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