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Pocket Knife Shaving

I was rooting around in the dreaded basement (also my office, since nobody bothers me in there and I can smoke my pipe) and going through some boxes.

Anyway, opened a box of stuff from a job in Africa and found an old folding pocket knife. These things were a simple single blade with what amounts to metal scales for a handle. I think they were made from old springs or something. It was nice to find again and I guess everybody here has had those "I had wondered where this had gotten to" moments.

It was still in good shape, since I had apparently oiled it before I put it away and I tested the blade, remembering that I used to impress the guys in the camp by shaving with it. It was still sharp, so I touched it up on the black arkansas and tried it. Hot diggity dog. It whicked the stubble right off my neck with a moderate tug/burn (and this was dry).

Anyone else have an old cheap favourite that somehow wound up with exceptional steel? Anyone use one as a substitute razor? Anybody besides the significant female think it's nuts?
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