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Pipe smoking and pets

I hate to dredge up an old post, but this has occurred to me as well. My cats, both around 10 years old now, sit on a pillow on my lap or on the arm of the sofa. Even if I were to puff deliberately away from them, they would probably inhale some of the smoke. Outdoors for me is cruel and unusual punishment most of the year -- far too hot and humid -- and I have no balcony or back yard. I guess if I were to take up a pipe again, it would have to be only during cooler weather!


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We used to have a cat who would have coughing fits. We had to actually use an inhaler on her. The vet could not track down her allergen. When I quit smoking she quit coughing. I never smoked in the house but she must have been allergic to the smell on my hands and clothes. This was cigarettes not a pipe, but it does affect pets.
My dog goes nuts when I come back inside after smoking a stogie or pipe. I guess she associates that smell with me being back in her house and knows that ear and butt scratches will most likely ensue.
On each of my ventures back into pipe smoking so far, I've lit up indoors, then quickly gone to stand outside while puffing and tamping the tobacco. Just a half bowl each time, so each lasts about 20 minutes. Then I tap the dottle out, come back inside, let the pipe of the day cool, and clean it before packing everything away. No harm to the cats. And they don't seem to mind whatever scent clings to me.

When the weather gets hot, which will be fairly soon, I'll be in another situation entirely.
It's cool but raining lightly today, so I couldn't really go outside for a smoke. I lit up my pot pipe, then stood by the open screen door (well, a third of it is screen) to puff. Didn't go near the cats and the smoke drifts upward anyway. After tapping the dottle out, I'm leaving the door open for a while.


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Back when I smoked cigars my dog would literally stop in his tracks if I lit a cigar on a walk. He would put on the breaks and stop. If I put it out he would resume. After a few times I got the hint.
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