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PIF: soaps


I am clearing out the den again (wife’s orders) and I have some soaps I would like pass on.

There are six items and for ease I will send out three items to two persons. The soaps are all barely used.

1. Queen Charlotte Soaps Iced Key Lime

2. Phoenix Artisans Frost Byte

3. Meißner Tremonia Dark Limes

4. Razorock Irish Countryside

5. Razorock Irish Countryside aftershave

6. Maggard Razors razor (cap and base plate, brand new and still wrapped).

I will cover postage and therefore would prefer that the recipients be in Europe but I am flexible.

The criteria—I would prefer these items to go to someone who works with the elderly or as a nurse. If you win you pick three items.

Please PM me with your message.

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Very good point. Thanks.

I will substitute the aftershave with Speick shave soap.

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I'm in Europe :)

Alcohol is ok to be shipped within Europe!

I don't work with old people (well not in that way lol.)

In if possible. Great Pif
Fantastic PIF. I am not on your side of the pond, so not in. It's a very generous PIF.

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