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GIVEAWAY! PIF - DE razor, blades, brush, cream, and bowl (CONUS)


To express my gratitude to the B&B community and to thank the many generous members here...

Included in this PIF ("pay it forward") are the following new and unused items:
  • Shea Moisture double edge razor (new in box, unused, with 10 blades)
  • Tube of Proraso shaving cream (new in box)
  • Omega "pure bristle" boar's hair shaving brush (new in box)
  • Small lathering bowl
  • Some extra blades
For those new to shaving with DE razors and want to give it a try, here's your chance!

Or, if you're a seasoned DE razor user and want a kit to give to someone, you can try to win this as well!

To be considered for this giveaway, there are only three (easy) requirements:
  • You must be in continental US
  • Tell me why you'd like to win this PIF
  • Say "I'm in"
I will keep this PIF open for a couple of weeks and pick a winner.

Step right up!
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