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Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements - Brush Recommendations?

The green and yellow in combination with the darker fibers is what attracts me the most, go figure 😂

I liked the not so big size as well and I’m glad I pulled the trigger.

I’ll have a look at the solar flare, I have a feeling this won’t be the last one.

Funny thing I since got two Green Rays also! I saw them on offer on a store where if you bought two items you got an extra reduction, and there was nothing else I really wanted from the store or else already had.. plus they were out of all the other PAA brushes so I just ended up ordering two of the Green Ray. 🤭 I figured I'll have one as backup!

I read somewhere the Green Ray are PAA's synthetic take at a replication of a horse hair brush. They call the Green Ray knot the "Tribble" knot. I'd saw a few videos about them online and they seem to be really well liked too. That said, all the PAA brushes seem to have rave reviews on YouTube.. lots of the wetshaver Youtubers seem to be big fans of them. I don't see them mentioned quite as much on here though but I always recommend them whenever someone is after a great synth at a fair price.

I've got most of the PAA line now. I have the Atomic Rocket, the Star Craft, the Peregrino, the Doppler, the Atraeus, the Star Wisp.. and now the Green Ray too. The only ones I'm missing are the two "Aerolites", the Solar Flare and the most recent one that came out at Halloween, the "Cyclo-Trode", as it hasn't arrived in any of the UK stores just yet. If they don't show up soon I'm going to order one from America along with a Solar Flare. Might get the Aerolites too just for the sake of completing the lineup. 😏

I said it before and I'll say it again but I absolutely love the PAA brushes now. 😁 I only use synthetic brushes and I own brushes from various manufacturers and of all price ranges, but the PAA well they're some of my absolute favourite brushes.. especially for the price I feel they just cannot be beaten.
These brushes could be amazing but I never been able to use any for a long time period. I think I love the knots as much as I despise the handles that I do not find comfortable to hold. If only they could produce a brush with the knot used for the starcraft/peregrino, and a classical rounded handle that would not hurt my hand.
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