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PAA Cube

They sell it in a stick form too, don’t they? Is that a more normal size?

I believe the stick is the same stuff, and is smaller. Being in a tube it is probably more convenient to use, especially if traveling.

I'm currently using a half bar of Stirling Bergamot and Lavender that I cleaved in two and rub that on my wet face, lather and rinse before shaving. The other half bar is in a zip-lock baggie in a drawer in the bath vanity.


I shaved a fortune
I suppose I could slice it into 8 normal sized soap cubes but then I’d need somewhere to store 7 unneeded soaps. I would more likely put 5 or 6 of them in the bin and just keep one or two for future use.

They sell it in a stick form too, don’t they? Is that a more normal size?
The Tube 2.0 is about the same size as the LEA Deodorant alum round crystal.
Honestly, I bought it - Scentless CUBE 2 - out of curiosity - as a "sensitive person" I'm still looking for a golden mean... I've tried many pre-shave products, but this one is an absolute hit... a revelation. .. You may ask why another "soap" before the "shaving soap" (especially if the second one is of good quality) - unnecessary redundancy ? :) - I also wondered... but I abandoned this philosophical considerations, because the effect is stunning ... I don't know... I'd probably have to shave with a surgical scalpel or a carpenter's plane :) to damage the skin. Safety is great... oils, creams and the like are outclassed. Recently, when I bought TGS "Down of Glory", I thought I had "achieved my goal"... quick application, with great protective and gliding properties... but CUBE beat them to the punch despite slightly more application effort. I RECOMMEND it especially to people who have sensitive skin... and most importantly, it is a fragrance-free version... one less allergen :) and it does not interfere with the scents of other cosmetics during the shaving ritual.
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