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Open razor shave from a barber

Wet shavers know their body and beard better than anyone else. As our Forum illustrates what works for one person doesn't work for others. -Part of the fun is finding out what works for you.
Rather than just complain, can you share with us what we should be communicating to the person holding the straight razor against our neck ;). What should we realistically expect from professional shave? What can we do as clients to make the experience easier and better for you, the professional?

Can’t find the complaint in what one2mny said, just a statement of fact from a professional barber.

Can’t find the complaint in what one2mny said, just a statement of fact from a professional barber.

I didn't word that correctly. It wasn't him complaining, it is us that are complaining about below expectation services. I apologize for the confusion. I could have worded it better.
I haven't watched a ton of barber shave videos, but have yet to see a barber shave a client ATG, so my expectation would be a 2-pass DFS, with all the "frills".
"Are you giving my husband physical pleasure?"
Well played Sir!

As the great Mrs Ladd would say,

"I don't..and I don't expect anyone else to either!"

My Grandfather was a superb barber with his shop in Great Windmill Street in Soho from the mid 1930's to the 50's, and I have a glossy 8"x10" news photo of him shaving Jack Solomons, a famous English boxing promoter. They were great friends, and Grandfather would shave and give a haircut to all the American boxers that fought in the UK that Mr Solomons was promoting. It was a kind of ritual. Most London based English professionals that used Mr Solomon's gym would get their haircuts and shaves there. It seemed to be the place.

From the photo, he seems to be going WTG.

There is an attached interview with my Grandfather which is in the archives of the London Evening News. I must dig it out. It seems to date from the mid '50's. It may give professional insights.

Unless it was from my Grandfather or another master of the period, I would prefer to shave myself, albeit with a mere DE. I suspect great SR barber shaves are a dying art, although there are a few places in the City and West of London which keep the old skills. I must check them out one day, for the experience.
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