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Omega x MoonSWATCH

I bought a different version of the Spoedmaster almost 10 years ago after looking at the then called Speedmaster Professional for about 10 years. When it came down to finally pulling the trigger, I preferred my model because of the COSC certified automatic chronometer movement, the sapphire crystal, the date and the 40mm size which better fits my wrist. Saving almost $1,000 was a bonus.

What I did not do was buy a knockoff as I believe patronizing those who steal intellectual property is wrong. Swatch is not stealing Omega property and I would have no objection to buying one or seeing others buy one. It isn’t in my future as I am happy with what I have.
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"Self appointed king of Arkoland"
This is the watch I should not love, but I do.
And I will be getting one, if possible.
And if the band will fit my big wrist size.
Well, I got skinny little girl with scurvy wrists, and I am looking for one!

I'll make a strap outta Duct tape if'n I gotta!
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