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Old Spice- when was it changed to the new formula?

The Shulton version is very different in scent and especially in longevity. I believe it switched in the early 90s but am not sure. If a bottle is marked Shulton, it is definitely “the good stuff.” I have bottles from several decades and they are amazingly similar.

There was supposedly a time that P&G used the old Shulton formula but put it in their new bottle, but that is not been verified that I have seen.

The current version is much lighter, floral and fleeting. It is very nice especially if you are wearing an EDT with it.

I’m sure that the reasons for reformulating are numerous. Cost being the driving force.....
I'm 66 y.o. The original was stronger. Scent projected longer and was more rich. If this makes any scents. Shulton is the original with the glass bottle and grey stopper.
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