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    Ok, i give in, whats the connection between these to items, see it mentioned on here in quite a few posts, but have no idea what for?
  1. I'm not sure exactly what you're referring to, but I know a number of people (including me) use large rubber O-rings on some of our larger brushes to rein in some of the fan/bloom. That renders a more densely-packed knot, and you don't end up slathering your entire face as if with a paint roller. Without an O-ring, a Rooney 3/3 *will* push lather up your nose at some point in the process.

  2. maybe... this? de-floppyizing shaving brushes
  3. Thanks both, now i know:thumbup1:
  4. I use an black rubber O ring around the handle of my Wee Scot. It really lets me get a good grip and looks nice too.
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  5. Here are two brush restorations I did very recently (actually the only two I've ever done). On the left a Strong Set handle, and I debated about this because is seemed unused and decent density but the hairs were trimmed. On the right an Ever Ready F40 handle. Both re-done with TGN boar knots.


    Now here was my dilemma. The U.K. replacement knots I could get had more loft than I wanted. I could have set the E.R. lower in the handle, but unless I found some way to fill the hair there with the epoxy glue (and not have it wick upward), I was going to create a tightly-packed, enclosed place for dampness to remain, inside the handle. With the S.S. I really had little choice.

    So after the glue dried and I tried them out, they were a bit too floppy. Two O-rings on the Ever Ready and three on the Strong Set changed stiffness much more than the apparent loft loss would indicate. Much less splay and sloppiness. Yes, it might hold dampness but can't be as bad as setting the knot deeper in a handle - or so it seems.

    I introduced the O-rings from the handle end, by the way, and rolled them up onto the knot.

    I have a wide range of O-rings handy...use them for all sorts of unauthorized purposes! :001_cool: They make good couplings, attachment rings, sliders on cord, all kind of odd uses.

    Here's a slight digression:

    This brass brush handle came with a deep groove near the base. Just not enough to provide a secure grip. I added three O-rings there of different sizes in the goove, plus one a the base of the hairs to provide tactile feel. Much improved the grip.

    - Bill
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  6. :thumbup:my question fully answered.

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