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Newb ? about AS burn

I just tried some Ogallala aftershave and while I love the scent, and I may even like the burn, I was wondering what the proper technique is. I shave in the shower, so I come out of there, pat my face dry and then put the aftershave on. Before I tried the limes and peppercorns from Ogallala, I had only used the Nivea cooling balm and wasn't expecting the burn. Should I be splashing some cold water on my face first to close the pores? Is the burn caused by the AS going into the open pores?
It doesn't have much to do with open pores. It will burn before or after a cold-water splash. Has more to do with the skin freshly-shorn of a layer you are putting it on.
You may want to leave off alcohol-based aftershave until your technique improves. I know now I like them but when I started it was like being attacked by ten thousand rabid squirrels.
After I shave, I use an alum block, then a cold towel on my face. If I then use Pinaud Bay Rum or Lilac Vegetal, and maybe a bouple of other aftershaves, I get a burn no matter what. I just see it as part of the shaving ritual with certain aftershaves. If it doesn't irritate you beyond the initial burn, I wouldn't worry about it.
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