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New Year, Newbie, Box of Stuff, PIF

Sorry, but this is going to be CONUS shipping only.

I really like the forums here and you couldn't ask to be associated with a bunch of nicer people.

I've asked quite a few questions over time and have always received multiple helpful responses.

Anyway, I've been meaning to do this for a while. I guess I am thinking this is geared more toward a newbie who doesn't have any gear yet but anyone is welcome to enter.

I'd like to think this is going to someone who needs it and is going to use it. I guess I'll leave that up to you what you do with it.

So here is my PIF:

7 Disposable razors (left over from trip)
5 Bluebird blades
5 Personna red ip blades
10 Dorco 301 blades
1 Arko Soap stick (used a few times)
1 Cella soap sample (from Kris Kringle!)
1 puck of soap (given to me by a barber, I don't know what kind it is. Looks similar to VDH but no logo)
1 VDH boar brush
1 Gillette Superspeed
1 Gillette Tech
1 generic razor (chinese?)
1 Arko Moist Cream (75% full)

The Gillette's are not cosmetically perfect but they are great shavers. I do not like the generic razor but thought it would be good for a newbie that is worried about cutting themselves. I think it would be almost impossible to cut yourself with this razor but don't go getting crazy on me. :001_rolle

Let's say this will run until around Wednesday, January 12th. I'll try to pick a winner that evening and PM them for their address. So hopefully I'll be able to have it in the mail the following Saturday.

If you are interested please reply to this post that you want it.

EDIT: I just added a tube of Arko Moist cream. I remember when I first started, cream was way easier to lather than soap. This is pretty good stuff.







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I'd love to get in on this, even though I would end up PIF'ing most of it.
while I have many razors and soaps my dad like the previous member got into wet shaving after me and only has one razor and therefore I woud like to enter for my father
I'm trying to get my younger brother into wet shaving since he currently experiences a lot of irritation/ingrown hairs with his Fusion set-up and absolutely hates to shave. It would be awesome to be able to set him up with some starter stuff like this. Count me in too. Thanks for the generosity.
I am interested in this primarily for the DE blades and handles as I have only have my Krona and have only tried cheap drugstore Personna's. I would obviously put all of it to good use and PIF what I couldn't. Thanks for the generosity!:thumbup1:
This would be great to pickup as I am still getting my feet wet. A razor for my father/brother, and some more blades besides the Derby's I have to sample between us all, after that its pure gravy.

Thanks for the chance, and best of luck to all
Since so far all I have is a $2 synthetic barber supply brush and a tube of Bigelow/Proraso, I wouldn't mind being considered. I'm waiting on a cheapo new DE, but nothing that would compare to any decent vintage. I'd be more than willing to PIF 2/3 of the razors as well as any of the other product that didn't get used. Thanks for consideration!
I would love to be in on this. Several of the products I would like to try and I am trying to get my brother into DE shaving and would give him some of it.
Please count me in. I am new to DE but also working on converting my 17yr old nephew who has no father figure.

Thank you,

Just wanted to remind everyone this ends Wednesday, January 12th.

If you want in on this better do it soon :thumbup:
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