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New Website Design for LASSCo and CFG

I have completely redesigned both www.lashavingsoap.com and www.chiseledface.com Free shipping is set so that the average soap and aftershave set will be enough to reach it (free shipping is at $25 on CFG and $35 on LASSCo.)

I think I have finally gotten the bugs out of both sites, but you will need to reset your password or checkout as a guest on CFG since the passwords did not cross over from the old site due to privacy concerns. LASSCo account passwords stayed intact as the host didn't change.

If you all see any lingering bugs, please let me know!
I'm in the process of redesigning it as well, and it got messed up. It should be back up in a functional way tomorrow afternoon. If you need something before then I'm just a phone call away at 909-654-5336 and my facebook page has most of my catalogue The Groomatorium