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New timeline for product release

As of today here is the latest update. We keep getting emails from anxious customers wondering when each soap is going to be released. These dates are tentative but pretty close.

The Sandalwood shaving soap we expect to release on April 14.

The Lime shaving soap will be next and we hope to release on April 24.

The North shaving soap is last and to be released on May 8.

Pricing on all of them is the same - $14.95 for five ounces of luxurious creamy lather. It comes inside an eight ounce tub so none of our precious froth slips over the sides.
Sorry for the oversight. Yes, the site will be updated. We expect to have the Lime and North BOTH in stock by May 18!

You will also see that we have a new sample pack added - a SHAVING SOAP SAMPLE pack! It will go live once we have inventory which we expect to be the same date if not sooner: May 18.

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