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New member and new mustache

New member here. A month ago I decided I'd grow a mustache. I don't know why. I just felt I needed a change. I've always kept stubble around my goatee area. But I just decided to shave my chin and let my lip grow. I was planning on keeping it short and tidey. But as I've let it grow, I kinda of just want to see where it ends up. So I'm at a month with no trimming. And I can't believe all the compliments I've gotten from total strangers. All guys. Just random guys on the street will be like "Nice stache, man!" or "Love the stache!" So, looks like I'm keeping it!
Thank you! I really appreciate it. Having a mustache is like having a new friend. And it's opened me up to a whole new community. Loving it!
Facial hair is a great rabbit hole, before you know it you’re changing the style and length. You may also start to grow a goatee or beard and then experiment the same way. Good luck
I'm not able to grow a full beard. The sides are way too patchy. I could rock a goatee though. But I'm enjoying just the stache for now. I'm sticking with a chevron but I'm not entirely opposed to a handlebar.
Welcome to B&B! :smile:

My upper lip hasn't seen the light of day for nearly 50 years. Your mustache is quite a bit darker than mine. :wink2: I like it!
Thank you! I doubt my upper lip will be seeing any daylight any time soon. Yeah, my stache is dark. It's like having a third eyebrow on my face.
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